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Touted as one of the world’s best place to learn kiteboarding is Cabarete, the heart of the Dominican kiteboarding scene. The perfect blending of its natural environment creates an unusual synthesis of outstanding wind and wave conditions.

The town of Cabarete is located an easy 20 minute taxi ride East of Puerto Plata airport (POP) on the spectacular northern “Amber Coast”. A bustling one-street village based on water sports tourism (kiteboarding, surfing, and windsurfing), Cabarete is extremely well set up for visitors from all over the globe.

With excellent hotels, restaurants and bars, good internet connections and many adventure sport activities, Cabarete is quickly becoming THE hottest kite destination in the world. Plus, if you’ve got room for more excitement after a day at the beach, the nightlife in Cabarete rock!


Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding:

Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding is the school of professional kiteboarder Laurel Eastman, an IKO approved center, and a flagship Best Kiteboarding Test Center. With the highest attention to safety and small details to make your experience the best one possible, you can enjoy a full kiteboarding course (460$ for an 8 hour, 4 day private course), an advanced or refresher lesson (130$ for 2 hours), a free introduction to kiteboarding with the trainer kite and an assistant instructor, testing and renting of 2007 Waroo, Waroo Pro, and boards, supervision with one of our Dominican assistants, group activity or dinner….LEK is your one stop concierge/holiday planning team! Check it all out on

Kitexcite was launched in 1999, the first Kiteboarding School in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We have enjoyed teaching more than 11,000 kids and adults how to kiteboard. We are proud to introduce and maintain the highest standards for safety, efficiency and customer care amongst Dominican Republic’s Kite kitesurfing schools.
The Best Kites and Equipment
Choosing the kite and board which best fit you is based on your weight and height, skill level, and current wind conditions. Kitexcite has the entire range of kites and boards to fit your needs.  Check it out on:

Dare2Fly Cabarete:

Dare2Fly Cabarete Kiteboarding School; established in 1999 and owned by the Vela Cabarete Windsurf Center, is one of the first and original Kiteboarding schools in Cabarete. Thanks to our ideal positioning, Dare2Fly continues to operate out of the Agualina Kite Resort right in the heart of the famous Kitebeach.

Cabarete Kitebeach is one of the best places in the world for year-round Kitesurfing. We have flat water on the inside; perfect for beginners, and advanced riders who are working on their latest moves. On the outside we have nice, glassy waves breaking on the reef about 200m offshore. These waves are usually breaking between 1/2m to 2m depending on the time of year.

Due to our amazingly good Kitesurfing weather conditions, Cabarete has a very high concentration of talented local freestyle riders, and has produced many Kiteboarding stars, such as; Ariel Corniel, Alex Soto, Luciano Gonzales and of course the lovely Susi Mai.

In keeping with Cabarete’s status as a Kitesurfing mecca – Cabarete regularly hosts Kiteboarding World Tour competition events on the PKRA World Tour. Here you can witness the world’s top professional Kitesurfers battling it out every year against the extremely talented Dominican Kitesurfers. This is guaranteed to be an awesome spectacle.

Kiteclub Cabarete:

Kite Club Cabarete is the home of kiteboarding here in Cabarete. The very first KiteBoarders to discover Cabarete stayed right in the house which is now Kite Club. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the most professional Kiteschool in Cabarete while maintaining an open and friendly atmosphere. You’ll meet kiters that are complete beginners and world class pros taking kitesurfing lessons, surfing the waves, or just chiling out to watch the show that is KiteBeach Cabarete.  Check it out at

GoKite Cabarete:

Locate behind Extreme Hotel on Kite Beach, its an ideal place to learn about kite boarding.  Check the web site

This is just an example of some of the schools located here in Cabarete.  Come check it out and have a blast learning a new spore

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